Property Insider:
The Inflection Opportunity.

How to get low deposit deals with double-digit returns in the current market.

with Yza Canja
in Melbourne & Sydney.

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Can’t get in to the market right now because saving a 20% deposit is tough?

Can’t grow your portfolio and stuck stagnant because of banks or minimal capital?

Property insiders say you definitely can!

Think there’s minimal opportunity in the current property market?

Not true, they say!

In fact, savvy property insiders say the opportunity to get into the market with low money-down deposits and still capitalise with double-digit returns is at an absolute prime.

Define: Inflection

An inflection point is an event that results in a significant change in the progress of a company, industry, sector, economy or geopolitical situation and can be considered a turning point after which a dramatic change, with either positive or negative results, is expected to result.

An inflection property market = Opportunity.

So, while the herd is stunned and don’t know which way to run, property prices are falling in Sydney and Melbourne.

APRA has the banks in a world of pain, but there’s rumour of more Chinese money on the way.

Premium properties are taking a hit, but middle-market properties are growing strongly.

So is this a boom or a bust or what?

This is what the property insiders call an ‘inflection market’. To insiders, inflection markets are an incredible opportunity, and you might only ever get a handful in your investing career.

And right now, the property insiders are excited.

Interesting things start happening to happen in an inflection market. Vendors can get spooked into selling things below value, or may be in too much of a rush to sell before prices start to fall. Developers can offer interesting deals to start closing out their positions.

At the same time, the right property in the right area can post double-digit, boom time growth.

Normally the herd is king. When the herd is on a bull run, prices drive higher. When the herd takes flight, prices fall.

But when the herd is still, like it is right now, then sophisticated, insider strategies come to the fore.

And the insiders make a killing.

So the obvious question is:

What are the insiders doing right now?

Luckily we have a woman on the inside.

Meet Yza Canja.

Yza is one of the country’s leading property educators, and has been involved in over $400m worth of deals herself. Everything from options to vendor finance, Yza has seen it all.

And the best things is, Yza built her multi-million dollar property portfolio with practically none of her own money! She knows how to structure a deal like a true insider.


In this special two-hour evening event, Yza will show us exactly what the property insiders are doing right now. What they’re looking at and how they’re structuring their deals.

And she’s going to show us the deals that she’s working on right now, herself.

And she’s going to show us real life examples of successful deals that students have executed in just the past few months…

Meet John...

He secured a dual income townhouse in metropolitan Melbourne, with just $20,000 of his own money in the game.

What Yza’s clients have achieved.

I have done several deals using Yza’s strategies and with her guidance I did a deal with zero of my own money. This deal was 2 properties on one title, purchased for $185K producing $420 per week in rent. | used none of my own money but have a share in
the property and profits based on the fact it was such a great deal! Win/win for both myself and my investor. We are currently working on subdividing the property to sell each separately!

I’m glad to say that I’ve done a couple of similar deals to this with other investors. If the deal makes sense and is financially beneficial for both parties you can negotiate anything.

Emily G.
After learning Yza’s strategies, | invested in a deal in Caloundra, using none of my own money and I did not take out a mortgage either! After all costs associated with the property were paid for, there was still a good amount of equity in the property. I even made a cash profit on this deal after buying it purely because of the strategies l was taught
by Yza and the way the deal was structured! Yza has taught me that there is always a way when you are willing to do what it takes.

I am happy to say that l have continued to work with Yza and have built a good relationship with her which I have found to be truly valuable.”

Bruce C.
After attending the information night in Melbourne on the 5th of May, | invested in the the Property Rocket course. The following month I attended the Melbourne Bootcamp on let& 22nd ofJune. By the 18th of August (just 8 weeks later) I settled on 2x blocks of land in my home town with none of my own money and $100,000 equity. Needless to say I am over the moon with the result and can’t wait to sink my teeth into some more deals. The strategies & information I have learned really do work!!!
Nathan F.
l have followed Yza’s strategies and thanks to what she has taught me l have done two deals, one with no money up front and the other with little start up costs. I’m extremely please to say that both properties are more than paying for themselves and we have benefited from growth in the short term. Thanks to Yza I’ve been able to get a kick
start on my property portfolio with very little outlay. I didn’t think that was possible until she showed me how. This is awesome for someone like me who is the sole income earner for a family with two young kids.
Niall M.

In this two-hour power-session you will learn:

  • The most lucrative property strategies Yza is doing right now,
  • How to do creative property deals with none of your own money right now,
  • How to play in an inflection market like a pro, and what strategies to avoid, and;
  • Real-life examples of properties available right now, and what strategy would obtain the maximum ROI. Getting insight into actual deals (available right now) in the marketplace is extremely valuable, and will put you a mile ahead of the rest!

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Dr. John Demartini


7th August 2018
7pm – 9pm (6.30pm registration)
Karstens Conference Centre
123 Queen St
Dr. John Demartini


8th August 2018
7pm – 9pm (6.30pm registration)
Karstens Conference Centre
111 Harrington St
The Rocks
Dr. John Demartini

Yza Canja

Yza is one of Australia’s top property and finance educators,
having taught thousands of people on the subject of property

Yza is also a finance expert and has been involved in over $400M in property finance deals. Having built a multi-million dollar property portfolio using none of her own money, Yza has the skills and experience to help you take your property investing to the next level.

In this Property Investment evening event Yza teaches the exact strategies she has used herself and some of the most popular and successful too|s her clients have used to create profits for themselves. Yza is a wife and mother and has created a life of freedom and choice for herself and her family, she now only works when she wants, from wherever in the world she wants, and only if she wants…

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Fortunately property investing is a passion of Yza’s, it has allowed her to create a life she truly enjoys. Yza is so grateful for the freedom these investment strategies have given her and her family, she is also passionate about helping other families have similar opportunities. Thus, she has gathered and compiled the information and shares it with all those that are interested and determined to get ahead for themselves and their families.

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