The Great Property Boom AheadNostradamus Couldn’t Predict The Next Boom Better

Imagine knowing with absolute certainty which areas in Australia are about to explode in value. And how to profit as they do.

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Imagine being able to tell the future like Nostradamus. Read on and discover how to predict property price movements before they happen.

Perhaps you have heard of Nostradamus. He was born in France in 1503 and died in 1566 and is known as the greatest fortune teller in the world.

He was famous for his telling the future with astonishing accuracy. And many consider his predictions …

… the best guide to what’s happening
in the world today!

Of course, Nostradamus is long gone. And he won’t be giving you and predictions on real estate any time soon.

However I’ve got the next best thing…

I’ve got a way of knowing exactly what suburbs are about to boom just before they do. And read on because I’m about to share it with you.

This way you can get in early, snap up the bargains and sit back as the late-comers pile in and push the prices sky high.

And this is why I rely on these 3 people.

My name is Shane Noney. I’m the founder of Real Estate Investing Australia. I’m a licensed real estate agent, have over $100 million worth of property transactions under my belt and have helped over 3,000 Aussies like you invest in property.

And I pay a small fortune to ask them one question each month:

“What is the next boom suburb
I should invest in?”

Shane Noney

Every month these 3 obsessed ‘property archaeologists’, one in Victoria, NSW and Queensland go searching for the next growth areas.

They hunt through pages of figures piled up on their desks.

They discreetly meet the nation’s top developers and builders in coffee shops.

They talk to senior council figures on infrastructure, developments and employment.

They take massive whiteboards with maps pinned to them and map out in each state, and how it’s going to move house prices.

In fact, before they give any area the green light there’s 28 important points to tick off first.

And it’s not until the 28 points are assessed do they share their recommendation with me.

Are There Any Great Places Left To Invest?

You bet! There are truly great investments out there which can significantly contribute to your overall wealth.

And all this despite prices dropping in the last 18 months.

Because while some top-end suburbs are getting smashed, other suburbs are still surging.

For example, last year Sydney prices dropped 6.5% overall. However this doesn’t mean every suburb went down.

99 suburbs in NSW either didn’t move or actually increased. Bet you didn’t read about this, right?

It’s happening all over the country.

Belgrave South in Melbourne surged a whopping 51.8% last year.

Baxter and Carrum Downs also in Melbourne exploded in value by 38% and 23% respectively.

What about Perth? That’s dead and buried, isn’t it? Someone forgot to tell the inner suburban West Perth which sky-rocketed 26%.

Or Stirling in the ACT which catapulted up 26.2%.

There’s a certain type of suburb which defies the trend. They’re shooting up in value even as the rest tumble.

This is why you must register for our upcoming event: The Great Property Boom Ahead. You’ll find out exactly how to find them.

You have to be careful though. This is no time to do it alone. The informed investor is going to clean up with the head-start they’ll have.

And right now is the perfect time to start. The market is about to boom again and it means more opportunities.

5 Reasons Property Is About To Boom For A Decade Or More


Reason #1. The banks are lending money again

Thank goodness is all I can say.

The royal commission into finance was a disaster. After years of ‘questionable’ practices the banks suddenly pulled their heads in.

Problem was, they went overboard. For the past 18 months it’s been near impossible to get a loan.

Now, the shackles are quietly coming off and the money is starting to flow again.


Reason #2. Scott Morrison won the election

Listen, I don’t care what your politics are. Labor and Bill Shorten wanted to lower house prices by getting rid of negative gearing.

And if they’d got in it could have crashed the market.

The good news is, it’s crisis averted and confidence is already surging.

It’s smart too. The government needs prices to keep going up.

When they do people build more houses and we employ more tradies.

There’s more tax dollars collected.
And people borrow money against the equity in their homes and spend it in the economy.

Don’t expect to see this Labor try this again.


Reason #3. The population is booming

Australia’s population is exploding. At 1.8% a year we’re the fastest growing western country in the world, almost twice as fast as the UK and the USA.

In fact, Australia’s population grows by one person ever 1 minute and 23 seconds.

And you know what happens when there’s more people? We need more houses. It’s simple supply and demand, and the demand for houses hots up every year.

The more the population soars the more houses are worth. That’s the demand side of the equation. Now onto …


Reason #4. A chronic shortage of supply

According to Tim Reardon, the HIA’s Principal Economist we need to build 230,000 homes a year just to keep up with demand.

Problem is, over the past 17 years we have only managed, on average 175,000 homes.
That’s a whopping 55,000 too few every single year.

As each year flies by we’re falling further behind the number of houses we need. And this is why the price of houses keeps rising. There aren’t enough of them.


Reason #5. Interest rates are coming down

Interest rates are tipped to be cut in June, and probably again by Christmas.

Low interest means cheap home loans, and more money for borrowers.

Watch what happens when all this money floods into the market. It’ll be a bonanza for investors as prices soar.

No wonder it’s being described as The Perfect Storm. And why smart investors are buying with their ears pinned back.

The Real Reason You’re Not Financially Independent – And How To Reverse It.

Here’s exactly why, in the luckiest country in the world most of us aren’t financially independent.

And at The Great Property Boom Ahead event I’m going to show you exactly how to change this situation.

Take a look at this weekly calendar. It’s the typical money-week of most Australians. Here’s where your money goes:

Monday – Tax

Tuesday – Tax.

Wednesday – The mortgage.

Thursday – Bills and living expenses.

Then Friday it’s more bills until finally when we come back from lunch … and we finally make some money to keep.

No wonder we’re not getting ahead.

Instead, this is what your money-week should look. And I’m going to show you at this upcoming event how it’s done.

First, you get your money working for you by investing in income producing assets. Then you halve your home loan and slash the tax you pay.

What happens?
You’ve got more cash left over to…

  • Invest it into more high growth, high cashflow assets
  • Buy your dream home
  • Reward yourself with the holiday you always wanted but could never afford
  • Put your kids into a the school of your choice
  • Cut your work hours
calendar better
Whatever you do you’ll finally have the one thing all investors crave: Financial Independence.

You’ll retire early and choose to do whatever takes your fancy.

Now your home is fully paid off you’re in charge of how you spend your day. Will you take your new car out for a spin?

Will you look for your dream house now you can easily afford it?

Perhaps you’ll spend your time helping out at school or turning your garden into masterpiece.

Maybe it’s holiday time. You know you’ll be able to jump on a plane to Phuket, Fiji or Greece any time you feel like it. You’ll have the freedom to call your travel agent and ask her to book you into the best hotel and send the flight details when it’s done.

You don’t really care about the cost, all you’re worrying about is which cocktail you’ll have when you arrive.

Can you imagine living this kind of lifestyle? This is financial freedom.

The Fastest Way To Create Money From Real Estate.

Listen, everyone tells you to build wealth through real estate, right? And there’s heaps of ways to do it. But do you want to know how to do it the way experienced property investors do it?

They invest in the right houses in the right suburbs. However there’s something else they do which makes them a ton more money.

They do it at the right time.

OK, listen. Property doubles roughly every 10 years. And this is an average growth rate of 7% a year.

Except it doesn’t work this way.

Price growth is NOT constant.

Prices usually surge for 4 years, then hit a flat spot for another 6 years.

75% of the growth happens in 4 years, with the other 25% over the next 6.

Think about it. When would you rather invest? Just as the suburb’s about to start it’s 4 year surge, or when it’s finished its surge and entering a 6 year slowdown?

Of course, the answer’s obvious. Just as it’s starting it’s 4 year boom.

And that’s just one of the secrets you’re going to discover at The Great Property Boom event.

  • The signs which signal a suburb is set to explode in value before everyone else sees it
  • The 28 point checklist our property experts rely on to uncover hot suburbs before they shoot up in value (I’m giving you the checklist so you can do it yourself)
  • And therefore, the best growth in Australia right now to invest in just before they surge

Oh, and in case you’re thinking

“Nah, it doesn’t matter what part of the cycle I invest in because it’s going to double regardless” then think again.

Your job is to make your money quickly now, then invest it again in more property.

Makes sense, right?

The sooner you get growth the sooner you invest again and the sooner you can retire.

This is how you grow richer at double the rate. You go for properties which are about to surge.

How To Get A Constant Flow Of Great Tenants Renting Your Property

Listen, I’m about to slay one of the sacred cows of investing which real estate agents and property ‘spruikers’ have pedalled for years.

It’s that the best investment properties are cheaper and smaller.

It’s a costly lie. Here’s the TRUTH

The worst properties to invest in are so-called ‘Investor-ready’. They’re cheaper, smaller and poorly finished.

And the problem is, nobody wants to rent them.

So you end up with less rent and more vacancies. And because your place is ‘cheap and nasty’ your tenants will trash them.

Instead, you should be looking for properties which people want to buy, not rent. You get better tenants who pay more, stay longer and look after your house like it’s theirs.

Plus when you sell you’ll get a far higher price.

At this upcoming event I’m going to reveal to you exactly what your next investment needs. Take lots of notes because this could make you or break you.

Here’s some of what we’ll be covering…

  • How to predict where property prices are going for the next decade … just before they move
  • The massive shift happening between 2019 and 2034 – set yourself up to take advantage of this 15 year mega-event
  • Our ‘property hunters’  28 point suburb-assessment checklist
  • Why studying the Australian property market is a waste of time – you’ll have to do this instead
  • 5 ways to pay your mortgage sooner– without doing overtime, getting a second job or cutting your household budget
  • How to be entirely mortgage free in 10 years or less
  • How Jeromie made $90,000 profit in 10 months
  • Why the banks could reject your loan application even though you can clearly afford it
  • Why you are eligible to borrow more money than you thinkmust listen to advice if you’ve tried and been rejected before
  • How amateurs buy … and how professionals buy – HINT: if you go to to look for investments you’re an amateur
  • How to get an 860% return on your money
  • The secret of the world’s best ice-hockey play and how it can make you the world’s best property investor

And if you’re not a property expert, in fact even if you’re a complete novice then this event is perfect for you.

There’s nothing worse than the pain of regret. So I’m going through it from start to finish so it all makes sense.

Imagine looking back in 20 years and regret not having invested in property simply because … you didn’t understand how it worked.

Don’t let it happen. Come to The Great Property Boom Ahead event so you can make sensible, informed decisions about your future.

You’ll also find out what finance terms like LVR, LMI and equity actually mean. All the terminology explained in simple terms so you’ll be right on top of the game.

You’re also going to discover…

  • What an elite builder quietly told me about what your investment property should have – and very few do
  • Why you should avoid most new housing developments. Less than 10% are worth considering and you’ll know how to tell the difference
  • The 5 second calculation which reveals whether you’ll be able to afford to retire or not – you don’t even need a calculator
  • The 4 biggest mistakes investors make and how to avoid them – don’t let your dream be crushed by one of these innocent errors
  • How to get a stampede of tenants applying to rent your property. And the best part is, they’ll never want to leave even as you hike up the rent
  • The one type of property you must avoid. Many investors love these, but you need to steer clear of them. I’ll show you why
  • The two different types of house and land investments. One of these turns into a ghetto while the other soars in value. What is the difference?
  • And how to earn more money from your investments than you do from your job. The entire blueprint will be given to you to follow.
Some of my clients words…

David (NSW)

Oktay (NSW)

Jeromie (WA)
Made $90,000 in only 10 months

Secure your ticket today.

$37 Free for first 50 tickets per city only
Dr. John Demartini


18th June 2019
Registration: 6.30pm
Event: 7pm – 9pm
Rydges South Bank

$37 Free for first 50 tickets per city only
Dr. John Demartini


19th June 2019
Registration: 6.30pm
Event: 7pm – 9pmSydney Boulevard Hotel

$37 Free for first 50 tickets per city only
Dr. John Demartini


20th June 2019
Registration: 6.30pm
Event: 7pm – 9pmMecure Treasury Gardens

The way I see it you have three choices.


First, you can choose not to invest in property.

And this is a disaster because, according to the statistics only 1% of Australians retire on an income of $52,000 a year or more. And only 3% will be financially secure.

The rest? It’s going to be a pension of less than $35,000 a year for a couple and less for a single.

So if you aren’t on track to have at least $3,000,000 including your own home by 65 then you’re heading for trouble and doing nothing isn’t an option.


Second, you can try and work all this out by yourself.

However you have to be careful. This is no time to go it alone. Investors who invest their time in education will have a massive headstart. They’ll be making the big money while uninformed investors lose out.

You need an experienced hand like mine to guide you.


Third, you can come along to The Great Property Boom Ahead

and discover the exact blueprint for making maximum money in minimum time.

You’ll discover how to uncover the growth areas about to explode.

Plus how to invest the right way so you make more money and more cashflow.

And how to set it all up so you grow wealthy, pay off your home loan and slash your tax all at the same time.

Don’t wait. Register your spot right now.


Shane Noney
Director, Real Estate Investing Australia

P.S. Where will you be in 6 months if you choose not to attend?

Probably seeing the property market bouncing back and prices surging.

Most likely regretting missing the start of the boom (again), knowing you’re stuck working in a job you probably hate, hurtling towards a retirement you can’t afford.

Register your spot now and take charge of your future.

Secure your ticket today.

$37 Free for first 50 tickets per city only
Dr. John Demartini


18th June 2019
Registration: 6.30pm
Event: 7pm – 9pm
Rydges South Bank

$37 Free for first 50 tickets per city only
Dr. John Demartini


19th June 2019
Registration: 6.30pm
Event: 7pm – 9pmSydney Boulevard Hotel

$37 Free for first 50 tickets per city only
Dr. John Demartini


20th June 2019
Registration: 6.30pm
Event: 7pm – 9pmMecure Treasury Gardens

Shane Noney

Shane Noney

SOLD over 100 million in residential property
Educated over 3000 clients
Over 15 years helping Australians grow their wealth
2015 BRW Fast Starters Award Ranked 8th in Country
International Best Selling Co Author of “Real Estate Millionaires”

Meet the Uni dropout who’s completed over 10,000 hours and can definitely call himself a Property Investor Expert!

After pulling out of University to invest in mastering the property markets and create financial freedom, Shane is a property and finance master, with over 15 years of experience helping thousands of people.

He’s got the runs on the board to tell it like it is and is not known for holding back on the range of swindles in the market including:

  • The buy 10 properties in 10 years con (impossible for most people – but helps sell events).
  • The confusion spiral played out by the media.
  • The education-based mockery events (where people pay $5k+, and 95% of them do absolutely nothing).
  • How marketeers dupe you into buying junk properties they wouldn’t touch with a 10 foot pole.
Read more
Over the past decade, Shane has analysed thousands of people’s financial situation and educated over 3000 people on how to replace their income in the shortest period of time using property.

“Success in property is all about buying the right property at the right time” he says. “But the problem is, nobody has a crystal ball, and the media is spinning hype that’s not true but sells – leading many to do nothing or make bad choices.”

The goal of this event is to remove the fear, so you can accurately time the market!

Some of my clients words…

Sharon (QLD)

Reza & Shoaleh (NSW)

Sharon & Reineke (NSW)

Commonly Asked Questions

Why is this event free?

This event is free because I want to show you how to create wealth sooner through property.

If you want one-on-one help, I will have a very low cost offer available on the day to prepare an individual plan with my team of mortgage brokers and acquisition specialists.

This way you can find out exactly how it all works, then decide if you wish to do it yourself or whether you want my help to do it faster.

Who should come?

This is for everyone, right from raw beginners to expert investors. I’ll be taking you through exactly how property investing works, so you’ll be able to decide for yourself if this is for you.

Can I bring my partner?

Of course you can! Investing is a team activity so I encourage you to bring your partner along so you both understand how it works and the opportunity in front of you. This way you’ll make joint decisions about your future.

Can’t make this event date?

Don’t miss out on the next event. Register your details and we’ll let you know as soon as we announce new dates for this event.

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