High-Integrity Strategies for Sales Success.

with Brett McFall.

in Melbourne, Sydney & Brisbane.

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Marketing’ has become a dirty word.

Advertising is just a way to trick customers into buying things they don’t need.

Branding is about making a product seem more valuable than it really is.

Sales coaching is just a course in magician-level manipulation.

It’s enough to make your skin crawl.

You sell a superior product or service that meets a real need. You pride yourself on caring for your customers, your staff and all your stakeholders.

Is there a system that can sell your product without selling out your values?

There is. The McFall Method.

Brett McFall is a sales veteran. He’s seen it all. He knows every cheap conjuring trick in the book.

And he knows that none of them work.

He knows that in the long run, successful businesses will stay in their integrity, building relationships with their customers based on mutual trust, respect and value.

He has taken this principle, married it to the latest marketing science and technology and created something entirely unique – The McFall Method.

And it works. Brett is getting stunning results across the world with this method, helping businesses stay in their integrity, increase their margins and fill their client book with high-value clients…

And he’s doing it incredibly quickly! We’re talking days, not weeks.

The McFall Exchange

Give me 6 hours and I'll show you where your next high-ticket client is coming from... and how to get them this week.

This full day,
2 part workshop includes...

Part 1:

  • The theory behind The McFall Method
  • Where to go looking for your high-ticket clients
  • How to dump a confusing sales funnel in favour of something more streamlined and targeted
  • Automation strategies for generating warm leads week after week
  • Framing your offer to connect with customer conversations
  • The system you need to get all those tools working together

Part 2:

In part two, Brett will workshop your actual products and services (and current model) into the McFall Method model with us live.

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26th May 2018
9am – 5pmKarsten’s Melbourne
123 Queens St
Melbourne VIC
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27th May 2018
9am – 5pmKarsten’s Sydney
111 Harrington St
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2nd June 20189am – 5pm Karsten’s Brisbane
215 Adelaide St
Brisbane City QLD

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This is your chance to see for yourself.

The McFall Method works – and incredibly quickly. Just look at what he’s delivered for some of these businesses.

Brett McFall

Brett McFall

Created $10mil coaching program using this model.

Brett has been growing businesses, while systemising and automating incomes for over 20 years.

He is the author of the 2 times Australian best-selling book “How to Make Money While You Sleep” and also co-founder of the world’s biggest internet marketing seminar, World Internet Summit.

Brett teaches a very simple but unique system to take your business to a whole new level, and stop exchanging your time for money. Brett’s blueprint goes against many things you’ve been taught in “old school” models.

Brett says “in a month, we’ll generate only around 320 leads – we don’t need thousands”

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“And because of the webinar process we put them through, we can generate up to two-hundred thousand dollars in revenue.”

This system is exactly what Brett teaches his clients, resulting in massive decreases in their time spent on marketing, and massive increases in their sales revenue.

He believes after creating a predictable marketing system, that there is a shift that most business owners need to make.

“Once you stop focusing on what it is you offer, and really start focusing on the result you can help a client achieve, everything changes – most of all the amount you can charge.”

Brett is well known for his strategies and techniques. They are used by successful high calibre coaches around the world, and quite frankly: It’s taken us years to be able to lock him down to educate the JACK community, so we’re excited to bring you this knowledge and create a huge impact into your business!

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