Inner Beauty: Being Beautiful Inside Out

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What is Inner Beauty?

Inner beauty is a natural expression of equanimity of mind, inspiration of soul and a poised state of gratitude and love for ourselves, others and the world in general that radiates as an immortal warmth and openness.

Is it a learned art, or are we born with it?

We are all born with the capacity to express our magnificent inner beauty, but unrealistic expectations on ourselves, others or the world in general can lead to inequity of mind and body and a cloudiness over the shining essence of our beauty within. The arts of poised meditation and yoga can restore our natural inner beauty as can completing the Demartini Method for any inner or outer conflict resolutions.

Can it be maintained day in, day out?

It is improbable that you will sustain such a perfectly poised state of mind and body 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year, for a life time. This is unrealistic and can actually initiate the very unrealistic expectation that can cloud your inner beauty.

The world around us offers challenging new mysteries that help us grow and expand our awareness and influence. These challenging new mysteries can perturb our poised inner beauty momentarily until we ask a new set of questions and uncover the actual hidden order in our transient and apparent chaos.

There is nothing but love and all else is illusion.

We are growing in this awareness daily as we awaken ourselves to our vast inner potential. Nothing is missing in each of us. We become ourselves to the degree that we make everyone else ourselves. Reflective consciousness liberates us from the bondage of our illusive nature and initiates the inner beauty we all radiate from within.

What must be in synergy to obtain inner beauty?

The more poised we are the more we will radiate our inner beauty. When we balance our mind, breath, lifestyle actions and diet we can further enhance the natural emergence of our natural inner beauty.

What daily mantras can one say to instill inner beauty in oneself?

“I am graceful and loving and radiate inner beauty.”

“I am poised and present.”

“I am wise and willing.”

“I am inspired and open to continually expanding.”

“I am in service and fulfilled and rewarded.”

“Thank you, I love myself.”

The quality of our lives is based upon the quality of the questions we ask ourselves daily

  1. What specific perception is perturbing me, or what specifically is occupying and disturbing my mind and having me feel un-poised?
  2. If it is due to my misperception of others, where and when have I displayed such judged actions? (This calms down judgment)
  3. How do these misperceived actions serve and reward me?
  4. When I too have displayed such actions how have they served those I have affected?
  5. Where have these people that I misperceive to be perturbing me acted in the opposite manner? (This calms down labels and assumptions of absolutisms)
  6. Who was acting in the opposite manner toward me at the same time to balance the equation? (Nature is always synchronously balanced – It is we who misperceive the ever present balance and order)
  7. If they had acted in the opposite manner what would have been the drawbacks? (Our fantasies and unrealistic expectations create our disturbances and nightmares)

Maximum growth and development in the youth, and maximum sustained wellness in the mature, depends upon sustaining, or at least returning to inner beauty, equanimity and poise. We fulfill our lives most when we are in a state of equanimity and expressing our inner beauty.

Beauty is symmetry, proportion and order of mind

Throughout history there have been a few wise masters that have been grateful and centered because of their outward and inward perceptions and who have understood the great hidden order of nature and that have achieved great awareness and levels of poise and presence that inspired and enlightened others.

Inner beauty has not been limited to any single culture for it is inherent within anyone who has given themselves permission to be congruent, authentic and inspired.

Inner beauty can transform the outer beauty

The magnificence of Inner beauty can transform the outer beauty in anyone willing to be poised and present and grateful and loving and inspired and certain with their mission and true being.

Natural essential and fragrant oils, nut and seed oils, lotions, salves, herbs, plant extracts or juices, and vitamins can assist with our outer beauty, and many have been proven to assist for centuries along with massage and movement and rest.

Any supplemental techniques or procedures from within the cosmetic industry that can assist us with our outer beauty can also assist us with our inner beauty. When we look and feel our greatest on the outside we are more likely to activate our inner beauty. It is a two way street.

The world on the inside affects the world on the outside and the world on the outside affects the world on the inside.

It is wise to master both forms of beauty. As one gradually fades the other gradually rises.

Learn to feel beautiful inside:

  1. Write down everything and anything that you are not grateful for concerning your body on the outside or your life on the inside – anything you have done or not done or anything you do not love about the way you look or feel.
  2. Then write down 25 ways in which each of these actions or inactions have helped you and are currently helping you fulfill what you feel you are here to be, do and have on the planet. Do not stop writing how these are all on the way and not in your way until you are grateful for who you are.

When you are grateful for who you are and what you have done or not done you are on your way to realizing how truly magnificent you are and activating your inner beauty.

Nature has a way of assuring that we empower our inner beauty and mysteriously maintain the fading perception of outer beauty.

As one 84 year young woman once said to me: “By the time you are 84 you probably won’t be able to see them, smell them, hear them, feel them or taste them any longer. So they will be able to look just as beautiful as ever before and you will also rely on their inner beauty.”

So what we will be left, will simply be: “Thank you, I love you.”

If you’d love to learn more about unlocking your inner beauty consider Dr Demartini’s brilliant book: The Riches Within.

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The Riches Within

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Inner Beauty

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