3 Steps to Building a Scalable Coaching Business.

with Dr Demartini, Brett McFall & Blake Micola.
in Brisbane.

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Have 1 marketing system only (that works!)

Blake Mircola
Blake Micola
Facebook ad lead generation, conversion & automation guru

Master the ability to sell the result (convert like a pro!)

Dr John Demartini
Dr Demartini
International business owner & educator

Build a scalable business model (forget 1-1!)

Brett McFall
Brett McFall
Created $10mil coaching program using this business model

In this half-day workshop, you’ll learn how to attract all the clients you’ll ever need, how to dump your confusing sales funnel forever, how to charge (and get) the fees that you’re really worth…

And learn a brand new model for running and scaling your business that allows you to work less, and earn far more.

This event is for you if you are any of the below:

  • Coach
  • Consultant
  • Advisor
  • Educator
  • Speaker
  • Expert in niche area
  • Business Owner (to add an additional income stream)
  • OR if you are wanting to transition to become any of the above
3 steps to a scalable business
This workshop will teach you step-by-step the $1 million dollar per/yr business model that is scalable and implementable immediately after the workshop.

You will leave the Masterclass with an action plan to make lucrative tweaks to your business model to create a far greater impact on your clients, your income, and your time.

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At this event, you will learn…

  • The 3 steps to building a scalable coaching business & the exact business model blueprint
  • How to attract clients rather than chase them
  • The best way to cease 1-on-1 consults and increase your available time
  • To stop spending money on marketing (forget SEO, video marketing, google adwords, email marketing, referrals, and more)
  • Steps to create 1 marketing strategy that is automated, scalable, and on a budget (that works!)
  • How to have consistent, reliable results to predict and choose your workload (and income) on demand
  • Why sales funnels are dead (up-sell, down-sell, cross-sell – they’re confusing and not necessary!)
  • How to ensure every hour of your day is on revenue-producing tasks only
  • And how to 16X your profits without investing any more on marketing.

Set real goals in real time with real action steps that have real meaning… and you will build momentum and achieve.

Dr John Demartini

Here’s an example of what you will learn…

Let’s say your numbers are like this:

conversion numbers
You will learn how to get the below result by still using the same initial $1,000 invested Ad spend (that’s 16X the results for the same investment!)

The power of using compounding in your marketing:

conversion numbers
These figures are real, and this new business model will allow you to spend minimal on marketing to get real, predictable, scalable results!
Dr. John Demartini

Blake Micola

Facebook ad lead generation, conversion & automation guru

Blake has been working ‘behind the scenes’ helping coaches, speakers and consultants to grow their ideas effectively through social media using tried and tested systems to ensure every dollar they spend results in sales.

Too many people waste money on attracting non-monetising leads and focusing on quantity rather than quality…

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It’s a system, and during this event he is going to teach you the specific one that is best for your business model.

Blake was a key player in bringing marketing expert Ryan Deiss and his Traffic and Conversion Summit to Australia for the first time.

He’s managed the digital marketing for industry leaders including Celebrity Apprentice star Mark Bouris, The Secret star and JACK’s very own Dr John Demartini, and Sky News Property expert Chris Gray as well big brands including Vision Personal Training and Hyper apps.

He’s like a ‘backstage manager’ for 
successful entrepreneurs and influencers – he knows his stuff, and we’re excited to have him share his behind-the-scenes knowledge at this event.

Here’s just a snapshot of some of the stats Blake has taught others to achieve using his Facebook Ad system…
508 leads in 75 days
186 leads in 15 days
1019 leads in 11 days
91736 reached in 49 days
Dr. John Demartini

Brett McFall

Created $10mil coaching program using this business model

Brett has been growing businesses, while systemising and automating incomes for over 20 years.

He is the author of the 2 times Australian best-selling book “How to Make Money While You Sleep” and also co-founder of the world’s biggest internet marketing seminar, World Internet Summit.

Brett teaches a very simple but unique system to take your business to a whole new level, and stop exchanging your time for money. Brett’s blueprint goes against many things you’ve been taught in “old school” models.

Brett says “in a month, we’ll generate only around 320 leads – we don’t need thousands”

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“And because of the webinar process we put them through, we can generate up to two-hundred thousand dollars in revenue.”

This system is exactly what Brett teaches his clients, resulting in massive decreases in their time spent on marketing, and massive increases in their sales revenue.

He believes after creating a predictable marketing system, that there is a shift that most business owners need to make.

“Once you stop focusing on what it is you offer, and really start focusing on the result you can help a client achieve, everything changes – most of all the amount you can charge.”

Brett is well known for his strategies and techniques. They are used by successful high calibre coaches around the world, and quite frankly: It’s taken us years to be able to lock him down to educate the JACK community, so we’re excited to bring you this knowledge and create a huge impact into your business!

Dr. John Demartini

Dr. John Demartini

International business owner & educator

Dr John Demartini has built a highly scalable business leveraging his time and building a multitude of programs and products to deliver his teachings and educate individuals all over the world.

John has mastered the ability to ensure every hour of his day is spent either doing what he loves, or doing revenue-producing tasks, while the remainder of his business is automated and not reliant on his time, therefore allowing him to focus on his mission…

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He is the author of 39 books, spoken on stages in 56 countries around the world, created a wide range of online and offline programs and products.

During his session he will be teaching you the best way to create this for yourself, and the key reasons his international business and brand has withstood the test of time, and continues to grow while not demanding any more of his time.

He is going to give us an insight into Dr John Demartini the business owner, a truly rare occurrence.

Dr Demartini has made my business expand and grow, just in the last 5 months I’ve been on BRW fast starter list and finalist City of Sydney MyBusiness magazine awards.
Ash Aryal
Blake and the team have provided a seamless lead generation system for us to deliver consistent leads to help grow our business.
Rhonda Byrne
Executive Producer of ‘The Secret’
Blake has added an extra level of professionalism, clarity and insights into our social media systems.
Vision Personal Training
Dr Demartini not only has the power to heal, but also the power to open up hearts to love again. His work is REAL magic!
David Chettle
Under Construction Personal Training
If you want to understand how to do business on the internet Brett McFall is the only mentor with genuine no hype, step-by-step teaching.
Rhonda Lawson

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