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Dr. John Demartini


4-6 October 2019
Rydges on Swanston

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11-13 October 2019
Rydges World Square

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6-8 December 2019
Mercure Brisbane


Stuck in a job that is tiresome, mundane with no reward in sight?

Stuck in a business that is consuming all your time, but still struggling to take off?

Stuck in a relationship that is passionless, stagnant and doesn’t completely fulfil you?

Stuck in a body you don’t love?

Stuck in a constant financial struggle, working hard but never making ends meet?

Or simply stuck in a life that you know can be better?

is this you?

And let me guess:

You’ve tried to make changes, but nothing seems to work.
You’ve taken others advice only to find out their band-aid solutions keep falling off.
You know the problem, but struggle with finding a long term solution that will STICK!

You’re not alone.

In fact, a recent study showed that more than 57% of Aussies are dissatisfied with their overall life satisfaction.

But here’s the thing: Change doesn’t come easy. It takes commitment.

 Let’s take a group of high-achievers like some of the best athletes in the world. How do they achieve a gold medal?

Simple: They SHOW UP and DO THE TRAINING – they do whatever it takes to get them where they want to go, whilst being trained by the world’s best – people who have achieved the results they are seeking.

And now YOU have the opportunity to do the training with one of the World’s best, and get the results!

Growth is the great separator between those who succeed and those who do not. When I see a person beginning to separate themselves from the pack, it’s almost always due to personal growth.

~ John C. Maxwell

Breakthrough to Success is NOT an inspirational or motivational event.

While it may do both of those…

It’s about radical transformation, by helping you to transform your emotional, physical, financial and spiritual life.

You will be pushed beyond your normal comfort zones in order to create SERIOUS RESULTS, SERIOUSLY FAST.

At this moment, you are programmed for your current level of success. You also have the skills that got you where you are. Yet what got you here, won’t get you there. In order to move forward in the way that you desire, you need to up-level and upskill.

During this mind blowing 2.5-day event you are going to identify everything that has prevented you from stepping up both on the conscious level and the unconscious level.

You’ll break through your barriers to success and gain massive propulsion forward.

You will experience a breakthrough that takes you on a roller coaster ride as you utilise the cutting edge success tools and sciences for creating any life you choose.

Change your mind. Change your life.

Think of BTS as an emotional, psychological and spiritual workout that will stretch you… challenge you… and drive you forward on every level of your life.

  • IF YOU WANT to completely transform your career and fully actualise your natural gifts and potential, this is the program for you.
  • IF YOU WANT to completely transform your finances and have the freedom to live the life you desire, this is the program for you.
  • IF YOU WANT to completely transform your physical health, this is the program for you.
  • IF YOU WANT to completely transform your life emotionally and delight in greater peace and harmony, this is the program for you.
  • IF YOU WANT to enthusiastically and playfully enjoy the full richness of life, this is the program for you.

Personal development is a major time-saver. The better you become, the less time it takes you to achieve your goals.

~ Brian Tracy
Dr Demartini Teaching

Success isn’t about working hard or long hours. Success begins and ends in the mind.

During the 2.5 day Breakthrough to Success you will learn…

  • The secret to quickly and easily overcome feelings of overwhelm, doubt or confusion and replace them with laser-focus and certainty.
  • The workings of the human mind you won’t find in any psychology textbook… once you harness your mind, you’ll begin directing your mind in the direction of wealth!
  • How to instantly boost your confidence in times of fear and intimidation, so you’re bursting with confidence… in any negotiation… in any situation… in front of any group!
  • How to break through the mindset of “scarcity”, and program your “wealth switch” with complete confidence in your new abilities. Conquer negative thinking to program yourself for success.
  • The single, most critical habit you must conquer if you want to be abundant and wealthy! Chris will demonstrate a shortcut to the top that stops this habit in its tracks.
  • How to break out of a slump or depressed state and transform yourself into a dynamo of vibrant, authentic energy that engages anybody you choose.
  • How to side-step negative people who attempt to stand in the way of your success! Chris will demonstrate how to turn them into raving fans.
  • Learn how to apply all of the tools that you’ve learned in your own life to program your unconsciousness mind for any result.
  • Overcome addictions and negative habits
  • Experience or participate in hypnotic stage show to gain the deepest understanding of transformation and unleashing the full potential of both yourself and others.
  • Learn (& execute during the event) the 7-steps to uncovering your life’s purpose.
  • Discover how to multiply your success a thousand fold with the power of a technique called “modelling”.
  • Plus, you’ll experience the LATEST in Chris Howard’s cutting-edge tools for accelerating transformation updated for this specific event!

One of the biggest mistakes people make is thinking that if you work hard, you’ll automatically succeed. In fact, this is what we were told throughout our school years. Yet, look at all the people out there who are working hard, putting in 12 hour days, and yet not succeeding.

Income seldom exceeds personal development.

~ Jim Rohn

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Dr. John Demartini


4-6 October 2019
Rydges on Swanston

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11-13 October 2019
Rydges World Square

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$895 Only $47
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6-8 December 2019
Mercure Brisbane

BTS has transformed tens-of-thousands of people all over the world for over 20 years.

And now it’s your turn.

No words can describe my everlasting gratitude to you for the breakthroughs I experienced at the BTS weekend.

My ‘transformation’ is amazing for me to behold, I am alive again. On Fire!!! Ignited with passion, excited at the goals I have in motion.

The last day was the most liberating for allowing me to see how limited my thinking was before, by allowing me to see possibilities I never thought possible.


In the last 6 months I have managed to purchase 2 investment properties worth $1.7million and written over $2.8 million in business as well as finding the time to enjoy spending time with my daughter.

… I have increased my turnover to between $45 – 50K per month – an increase of over 600%! And I have a team of 5 people working in my business and am personally debt free!

I have reached goals that before seemed so far away. Thank you Chris!


I have expanded my network of friends and support base and doubled my income in a matter of months.

I now wake up every day knowing that I am living my life with passion, fulfilling my dream of making a difference in the world and being who I always knew I was inside. Thank you from the bottom of my heart


One can choose to go back toward safety or forward toward growth. Growth must be chosen again and again; fear must be overcome again and again.

~ Abraham Maslow

Meet Chris Howard

Hi, I’m Chris Howard, and after attending dozens of ‘Self Help’ seminars and reading hundreds of Books, I Found Myself Living in the Ghetto With Over $70,000 in Debts and Unpaid Bills.

I Was Desperate and Depressed Without ANY Direction in My Life. I Was Frustrated, Single and Feeling Alone. And I Was 20 Pounds Overweight, Constantly Felt Tired and Flat.

And Then One Day, Feeling Torn Apart, I Discovered the ‘Missing Ingredient’ that Totally Transformed My Life.

I Went from Living in a Ghetto to a Successful Multi-Millionaire in LESS THAN 3 Years. I Lost 20 Pounds and Kept The Weight Off to this Day. And I totally transformed my relationships, starting with my relationship with myself.

And The Best Part? I’ve Taught the ‘Missing Ingredient’ I’m Going to Reveal to YOU in a Moment to Thousands of People All Over the World with Equally Remarkable Results!”

My world was a reflection of my consciousness.

And I committed myself to do whatever it would take to change it. In that state of commitment I got to work.

There was no way I was going to turn back.

But this time, with a focus on REAL WORLD RESULTS.

I set out to keep what worked and disregard everything else. And while I did this, I read constantly about the various psychological disciplines and sciences for success and looked at what made them work when they worked… and… how I could apply them in real world situations.

And out of this I created the hybrid sciences of Neurological Repatterning™ and Cognitive Reimprinting™.

I used these technologies to totally reprogram myself and launch myself forward to unprecedented success.

Using these technologies, I launched several companies and became a best-selling author.

I went from being $70,000 in debt and living in a ghetto to becoming a multi-millionaire in less than three years.

Yet the biggest breakthroughs I made weren’t even financial!

These breakthroughs allowed me to live in a space of harmony and inner peace.

I lost 20 pounds in 6 weeks. I got the leanest I had been since high school. And I kept the weight off.

They are based on studying the BEST of the BEST of all the personal development tools for producing real world results.

But it’s more than that…

It’s Because Your Conscious Mind
and Unconscious Mind are NOT Aligned

But then I realised…

By aligning the two parts of the mind, you change your habits. By changing your habits you change your emotional, financial, physical and spiritual destiny!

This was THE breakthrough that overcame all the obstacles that stopped me my entire life.

In fact, this is THE breakthrough for every person I have EVER mentored, coached and guided to transform and take control of their lives.

When they are both in ‘sync’, the magic and miracles of life open up to you. Money mysteriously and unexpectedly flows into your life.

Your relationships take on a completely new experience. Your heart opens up. Communication is open and honest.

Emotional anxieties that have entirely consumed you quickly and easily fade away and you enjoy more peace and joy.

Business opportunities that eluded you in the past make themselves instantly available to you – in the most perfect and ideal way.

I teach many different programs all over the world, but there is only ONE event specifically designed to begin the process of realigning your conscious and unconscious mind.

During these 3 days you’ll be given exercises and processes to solidify those changes and make them last.

This is why I rose above the sciences of neuro-linguistics, hypnosis and energetic healing… and I asked myself the question

“What makes these sciences work when they work?”

At BTS you’ll learn how to lead your imagination in such a way that makes change an easy path to choose. And then you’re effortlessly and automatically propelled down that path.

Look forward to helping you create the best version of yourself, and your life.

Chris Howard.

Meet Chris Howard

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Dr. John Demartini


4-6 October 2019
Rydges on Swanston

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11-13 October 2019
Rydges World Square

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$895 Only $47
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6-8 December 2019
Mercure Brisbane

Chris Howard


Best-Selling Author and Behavioural Patterns Expert

A global phenomenon, Christopher Howard is one of the most prominent figures in personal development and life style turnaround.

A leader in the science of neurological re-patterning, he’s replicated the formula of success utilized by billionaires worldwide and packaged it into 9 x best-selling audio programs, sold-out seminars that have reached millions of individuals, and his best-selling books: Turning Passions into Profits (2001), Instant Wealth – Wake Up Rich, and Discover The Secret of The New Entrepreneurial Mind (2008).

As an entrepreneur, speaker, and performance consultant over the past decade, his personal clients have included politicians, celebrities, and Fortune 500 companies, Chris Howard is a long-standing household name amongst many high-achievers.

Read more
Chris is known for his NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) & Hypnosis programs which drive behavioural changes. He developed and taught his programs throughout more than a decade before breaking into the international spotlight in 2006 thanks to exponential word-of-mouth praise. In just a few years his audiences grew from an average of 40 attendees to 4000. He has built one of the largest personal and professional development presences in the UK, U.S. and Australia over the past 20+ years.

A self-proclaimed social entrepreneur, Chris is passionate about using his techniques and profits to create worldwide wealth by empowering people in developing nations. He’s built a High School in Peru, co-ordinated Sponsor-A-Child programs for a Mongolian orphanage, and trained coaches in South Africa for free. In the U.S., he continuously supports the L.A. Inner City Arts Center, one of the nation’s most effective art education providers which aims to help children living in poverty realize their dreams.

Who must attend

Does this describe you?

  • You know that you are capable of much more than you are currently exhibiting in life.
  • You are unwilling to settle for anything less than your unlimited potential.
  • You feel lost or uncertain about the direction you are currently headed and are committed to making a positive change.
  • You want to accelerate your success and learn the tools that guarantee maximum empowerment.

What Is NLP?

“NLP May Be The Most Powerful Vehicle For

Change In Existence!” — Modern Psychology

Revolutionizing the way we learn, communicate, interact with others and approach our goals, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) has been likened to a manual for the human brain. Bypassing the ineffective process of trial and error, NLP models the actions of those who are highly successful to unlock and replicate what it is that has lead to their success.

How was NLP developed?

NLP began in the early 1970s when a mathematician named Richard Bandler and linguist John Grinder, asked themselves a simple but fascinating question: “What is it that makes the difference between somebody who is merely competent at any given skill, and somebody who excels at the same skill?” Building upon the extraordinary work of therapists Virginia Satir, Milton Erickson and Fritz Perls, and cognitive behavioral psychology, Bandler and Grinder developed formal linguistic and behavioural patterns that went on to become the cornerstone of NLP practices and techniques today.

How does NLP work?

Using patterns to cut through established behavioural and learning patterns, NLP works to change, adopt, or eliminate behaviors as you desire. Updating or upgrading the mental software. of the brain through directed questioning, reframing, visualization and modelling, among the hundreds of NLP techniques. What sets NLP apart from other therapy techniques is the speed at which the profound change occurs. Think of your focus as being like a flashlight. If you were standing in a dark room with wealth in one corner and poverty in the other, your experience in life would be based upon where you’re pointing your flashlight at any given time. Do you have the flashlight of your focus on abundance or on scarcity? No psycho babble, no showman techniques, just simple yet powerful techniques to shift your conscious and unconscious focus from the negative and limiting to achieving your true goals.

With NLP, you simply and easily learn to grow from every life experience, thus increasing your capacity to choose create a better quality of life.

Just a handful of Case Studies of the thousands of lives impacted by Chris Howard’s teachings…

Case Study #1

At BTS Chandaline realised how small she was thinking and allowing her current financial situation to dictate her quality of life.

As a direct result of the techniques taught on the weekend she has been to negotiate a $600,000 pay increase as well as purchasing a property in excess of $2 million dollars and purchased for herself a new Audi.

At our more advanced training, Billionaire Bootcamp I am proud to report she was able to donate $300,000 to one of my favourite charities.

Case Study #2

Another attendee envisioned his dream home during a guided visualisation I walked him through. He now lives on ten acres and the house looks almost exactly as it did in his vision guided by me.

Case Study #3

“After breaking through my limitations around money and my self worth I was able to increase my income from $25,000 to well over $311,000 in less than 12months. Something I never dreamed of being possible. The best part is that this year we are well on track to hit our target goal of $1,000,000 in revenue.”

Case Study #4

“After attending BTS I went from break even to a monthly profit of $50,000 in one month. In my first year after attending BTS I clocked up $200,000 in profit and am now well on track to go over $1 million in my second year”

Case Study #5

“As result of the BTS weekend I have in the last 4 months:

  • Raised $60,000 for my new start up business
  • Landed a $56,000 web marketing project
  • Negotiated $10,000,000 foreign currency J/V opportunity
  • Started a video production company and landed a $12,444 video deal
  • Received a $9,000 watch for brokering a jewellery transaction of $26000
  • Moved into a $9,000,000 waterfront mansion
  • I’m the healthiest I have ever been”

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Dr. John Demartini


4-6 October 2019
Rydges on Swanston

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11-13 October 2019
Rydges World Square

Final Ticket Release
$895 Only $47
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6-8 December 2019
Mercure Brisbane

What should I expect from BTS?

Who is Breakthrough To Success for? (I’m not sure if it’s suitable for me.)

BTS is for anyone who wants to learn practical tools that can be used to create change in any area of life. These trainings have been around for over 20 years, and taught worldwide to millions of people. They are the foundational teachings of various certifications including (but not limited to) neurolinguistic programming (learning how to re-program the brain) and human behavioural studies.

Chris Howard’s trainings are attended by entrepreneurs who understand the power of being able to program yourself for success, and that their business will only be as big as their mind allows. Or for high-performers who want to learn how to program their mind for consistency, motivation, and maximum effort every single day rather than sporadically (this is often for high performing employees or athletes).

Or for individuals who want to learn how to create incredibly fulfilling relationships, either with yourself, with a loved one, or even with colleagues. Or for people who want to breakthrough habits that they no longer want as part of their future (negative money habits, relationship habits, anything).

We also find that many BTS program attendees go on to use their learnings to help others, either in their workplace, family, or relationship. The Breakthrough To Success program teachings and tools can be applied to any area of life that you want to create serious results very fast!

What are the timings for each day?

Registration is 30mins before the start time to allow you plenty of time to check-in and get settled so we can start promptly. 6:30pm for Melbourne, and 7:00pm for Sydney on the Friday night. We will finish approx 9:30pm. Saturday and Sunday will kick-off at 8:00am (although if we get through enough content on Friday night, Chris may adjust this slightly), and we will finish at 6:00pm both days. 

Can I just attend for part of the event, or do I need to attend the entire 2.5 days?

Like anything, what you put into it is what you’ll get out of it! The program is a 2.5 day program where the teachings layer on top of each other, and build towards the Sunday.

Friday is foundational teachings and set you up to move through the entire weekend program. Saturday is learning day where you learn all the tools available to you, how to use them, when to use them, and practice these also.

Sunday is breakthrough day! This is where all Friday evening & Saturday’s teachings come together to enable you to apply them to yourself, and your life, to create serious results seriously fast (by the time you walk out Sunday!).

Will there be breaks?

Of course! We give you plenty of short breaks to allow time for food, drinks, have a chat, and fresh air between each learning module. Our events are always held close to a variety of food outlets so you will have no problem grabbing what you need during the allocated break times.

What should I bring?

We recommend bringing a notepad & pen (although we provide this also, you may like to keep your notes in a special book for future use). We suggest wearing casual comfortable clothing, and bring a jacket as sometimes it can get cool inside event rooms. We also recommend bringing healthy snacks.

Whilst we do give you plenty of breaks to get food and drinks, having something with you is always helpful to ensure you stay focused. Also bring an open mind, because you’re about to learn a whole new skill set you didn’t even know was possible!

If I have attended an event that includes NLP or similar before, is this suitable for me?

100%. Whilst Chris Howard’s trainings are based on core NLP foundations, this is just the beginning of his teachings. Chris Howard has created a very unique methodology that you would not have learnt anywhere else.

His training have been taught all over the world for over 20 years, however they have only ever been taught by Chris Howard himself or a certified Chris Howard trainer.

Will I have to share personal information or stories with others?

Not at all. This is program designed for you to get whatever you need out of it. If that means you’d like to share with others, there is opportunity to do that. If that means you’d prefer to fly solo, that is ok also. No part of the program enforces this.

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