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Did you know that $1 in every $2 online spend in the US now goes to Amazon?

And, Australia, we’re NEXT.

We’re living in extraordinary times. Everything is changing. Particularly the way we shop.

And it’s this revolution in online spending that could give you FINANCIAL FREEDOM in just 60 DAYS… even if you’re a complete Amazon novice.

But you’ve got to be quick. And you’ve got to be decisive.

Because the first ones to conquer the formula for selling on Amazon in Australia will be the real winners.

In a single, easy-to-follow, easy-to-action webinar, you’ll discover how to find the perfect products to sell and harness the power of Amazon to boost your income!

And you won’t have to:

  • Handle a single product
  • Talk to one customer
  • Drive buyers to your site
  • Process payments

In fact, if you wanted to, you could use Brendan Elias’ Amazon webinar expert tips to make more money over the next few months than you probably would for an entire year!

And the best part? This FREE 2-hour online event is:

  • Live, so you can ask questions along the way.
  • Run by a local, Sydney-based Amazon Pro!
  • No sales pitch, just 100% jam-packed, step-by-step knowledge. BAM!

244 million active users

$493 million spent in 1 day

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Here’s what you’ll discover in the FREE A to Z Amazon Formula Online Masterclass:

  • How to get your own online business up and running in as little as 14 days.
  • ​Unorthodox but brutally effective ways to find hot products that people will buy like crazy.
  • ​How to list your products without a website or any internet skills whatsoever.
  • How to find products to mark-up 300% … 400% or even higher on Amazon.
  • A clever way that you could add at least 50% to your profits (and cost you nothing).
  • And so much more!

Something dramatic has just changed in the marketplace and it’s made running a business far simpler than ever.

~ Brendan Elias
Brendan Elias Amazon a-z

Brendan Elias

Your Host:

Brendan Elias is not a newbie to the Amazon business model. He has been importing and selling online for over 20 years!

He has perfected a way of finding high quality, low priced goods and selling them on Amazon. And that means he can bring in a 6-figure income every single month from his Bondi home.

Brendan Elias began learning this at an early age – his father Nat Elias pioneered the import of many items into Australia including Casio and Seiko watches, as well as the world-famous Donkey Kong handheld games.

While completing his Commerce Law degree at the University of New South Wales, Brendan also underwent courses in International Trade Law at the Beijing University of Economics and Politics, and Law & International Copyright Law at Queens University in Canada.

Despite his legal and economic education, Brendan’s entrepreneurial blood proved too strong to ignore. He leveraged this and went on to build several multi-million dollar businesses by importing high quality merchandise and selling at a profit.

Brendan now teaches people from all walks of life how to create additional income streams using credible platforms like Amazon (and other platforms too) to become successful online entrepreneurs.

I just love that this is an incredibly scalable business model. The future’s looking bright, as now that the systems and foundations are laid, I can just keep adding more products, more marketplaces and websites, and in more countries. All of which comes to more money in the bank, a sellable business asset and all executed at a pace that I control, whilst I enjoy still being a work at home Mum alongside my beautiful kids.

Lauren Pykett

Tuesday, 8th December 2020

TIME: 7:30 pm AEDT (6:30 pm AEST)

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