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be a thinker.

Reach your


be a climber.

Bring your

idea to life,

be a doer.

So… Who is Jack?

Jack walks beside you, not in front of you.

Jack is a community, a hub and a platform that empowers you to push boundaries, both personally and professionally. At Jack, we offer education resources that become catalysts for exponential growth. We provide knowledge and training to be of use now, and long into the future.

Simply put:

Events designed for you to play a bigger game. Achieve more. Do more. Be more.

Events curated by Jack.

Educational events to inspire and provide practical tools and knowledge. Live events (seminars and workshops), online events (webinars or live streams), and all with our trademark style.
Chris Howard
2.5 Day Event

Chris Howard

Breakthrough to Success

6th – 8th March 2020

Chris Howard
2.5 Day Event

Chris Howard

Breakthrough to Success

13th – 15th March 2020

Chris Howard
5 Day Training

Chris Howard

NLP Results Training

9th – 13th March 2020

Yza Canja

Yza Canja

Property Fast Track.

Monday, Wednesday & Thursday

Jack also offers…


Educational programs and courses that can be spread out over several days or weeks. Each program is run by a different educator and is a unique and long-term investment in personal development.


We look after Australia’s leading educators. This allows them to focus on their own career paths without the hassle of customer service, marketing, event management, and accounts.


One on one sessions with some of our key speakers and educators on creating powerful and effective products, presentations and business models.

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