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be a doer.

So… Who is Jack?

We are an end-to-end marketing & events company that has been transforming people, businesses and brands since 2005.

We are not a consultant, agency, promoter or business coach.

We are your strategic growth partner. We transform people and businesses.


If you are a Speaker or Educator who wants to take your message to the masses – we can help!


If you are a Business Owner who needs strategic marketing to profitably scale, and wants a serious ROI to support measurable revenue growth – we can help!


If you are Entrepreneurially Minded and want to be a greater version of yourself in order to expand your mind and achieve your goals – we can help!

At JACK we empower and educate you to push boundaries, both personally and professionally, in order to exponentially grow.

Our events are designed for you to play a bigger game.

Our marketing services are designed for you to achieve more, do more, and be more.

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What we do


Often the missing ingredient in scaling a business is the strategic planning of how you’re going to get there. More importantly, knowing where to spend your time, money and focus – and where not to!

No, not every social media platform is right for your business. No, not every marketing strategy is going to get a result for you. And no, just because you have a great product or service, it doesn’t mean people are going to buy it (or even find it). Shucks!!

But how do you know which strategy will work for you? How do you speak directly to your buyers in a way that resonates? How do you increase your sales without increasing your overheads?

Strategy is our jam! We turn goals into methodical roadmaps, and ideas into profit.


First step is to have a marketing strategy, next step is executing it! Too often we see people waste money on cookie-cutter marketing efforts or engage pricey agencies who implement without having a strategy to fulfil a long-term goal.

It’s not as simple as increasing your audience to increase your sales. That approach is costly!

It’s ensuring that every lead that comes into your business is maximised to its fullest. It’s ensuring your marketing vehicles feed seamlessly into a proven sales system. Marketing doesn’t make money, sales do. Our job is to get quality clients into an automated sales system.

We implement and execute marketing strategies – that convert.


Online and live, training programs and keynotes – we run events for the self-aware entrepreneur to be able to play a bigger game.

Every business owner knows their business will only ever grow as much as you grow. Your mindset and actions determine your level of success.

We collaborate with world-class speakers and educators to bring timely and topical conversations, inspiration and practical tools to our community – all with our trademark style.

Our events have been the catalyst for exponential growth for over 10 years.

Samantha Green

Founder of JACK

Welcome to JACK.

I’m Samantha, Founder of JACK.

Let’s cut to the chase: You’re here because you want to grow your business, be a great leader, and dominate your industry.

And to do this, you need to show up every day as the best version of yourself in order to kick those goals.

Here at JACK we’ve been the “secret sauce” for entrepreneurs for over 15 years by allowing them to focus on their expertise, whilst we focus on growing their business.

As a business owner it’s so easy to get caught up in the “doing” and lose focus of what is actually getting done.

Too often I see people busting their guts day and night in their business, and they appear to be doing everything “right” yet struggle to really take it to the next level.

Similarly, sometimes your greatest roadblock from achieving those goals, is you!

Sound familiar? You’re not alone.

At JACK, we offer a range of services and events all with one focus: Take you AND your business to the next level!

So what is a “next level”?

As Jim Collins said:

“A truly great organisation prospers beyond any great idea, market opportunity, technology cycle, or well-funded program. It transcends dependence on any single extraordinary leader; if your organisation cannot be great without you, then it is not yet a truly great organisation.

A truly great entrepreneur will remain solely focused on their vision, allowing those around them to build it.”

That’s next level.

Welcome to JACK. We are an end-to-end marketing and events company that has been transforming people, businesses and brands since 2005.

We are purpose driven, self-aware entrepreneurs.

We are a bunch of strategic thinkers. And we get results.

We are JACK.



Brenda’s clientele had plateaued after 20 successful years in her industry. We changed her marketing message and marketing strategy, including the platforms she was using to promote herself. The result: 400% increase in new clients within 90 days.



Jimmy previously had very labor-driven marketing efforts running up his costs. Now he has an intuitive online store with automated marketing and sales systems. He’s gained more sales with less overheads, and thus increased profit.



Rodrigo was a speaker consistently running events of 100+ people. By changing his marketing message and product offerings, this increased to 300+ people with a minimum income of $1k per person, per event.



Lisa was exchanging time for money which made it difficult for her to scale. She created an online training program turning her knowledge into an automated and evergreen system. She now has various income streams, and able to make money without exchanging her time.



Jeff is an International brand who went from converting an average of 6-8% of leads into a client, to a consistent 18-20%, simply by finding the ‘holes in the bucket’ of his sales funnel.



Michelle’s start-up events business was in debt. By changing the business direction to a more profitable niche, and reducing costs to ensure a better return on her marketing investment, she turned over 1/2 million in her second year.



Sarah was a full-time employee with a successful side-hustle business that was dependant on her time, thus limited in it’s ability to scale. 18 months later, both her and her husband work full time in the business, plus a variety of contractors, offering numerous services.



Steve wanted to launch a new offering in his property business. We supported his product launch, marketing strategy and automating internal systems to save employing staff. Steve turned over $400k+ in his first 12 months of launch.



Jen is a successful business coach based in the USA. Within 12 months we had a growing Australian community with regular events attended by over 200 paying clients, regular media placements, and an Australian best-selling book.



John had an idea for a new business in the corporate space. Initially, we consulted with John to ensure a successful launch. It was so successful, we collaborated with John to launch a series of product offerings to meet the demand.



Francesca had an online business and was manually juggling everything herself, which stunted growth. We created an automated and evergreen marketing and sales system which enabled her to focus on working on the business not in it.



Paul owns a business built on referrals. We created and implemented a strategy to increase his referral base whilst also getting existing partners to refer more frequently.

*These are real stories, real people, and real businesses. We have changed their first names out of respect. We are your silent business partner after all.

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Chats with JACK

Dr. John Demartini – The Alchemy of Achievement

Dr Demartini is an expert in Human Behaviour with a series of live and online trainings, and a long-term client and friend of JACK.

Dr John Demartini img

Tim Robards – The Robards Method

Tim Robards attended business trainings by JACK and speaks to us about his own journey building his brand and business.

Tim Robards img

Mike Goldman – The Voice

Mike Goldman hosts events powered by JACK whilst juggling a series of TV and radio commitments. Mike stopped by for a chat.

Mike Goldman img

Dr. Louise Mahler – The Mahler Method

An expert in Effective Communication and Body Language. 
Louise teaches us how to demand presence.

Dr Louise Mahler img

Alex Rance – Self-belief and perseverance

Former Champion AFL Player turned Businessman, Educator, and Author, Alex talks us through his key principles for his own success.

Alex Rance img

Your business will only be as big as you are!

Our Founder Samantha Green was interviewed by Eric Dye from Enterprise Radio about the keys to business success and what trends she sees.

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Samantha Green – Personal Growth Journey

Samantha chats to LinkedIn Heroes founder and friend of JACK, Nathanial Bibby, about why personal development plays a big role in her life.

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Samantha Green – Get out of your own way

Our Founder Samantha Green chats to Mentor List founder and client of JACK, David Lewis, about what drives her business decisions.

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